Sexhibition: A true tale of jizz-hands

Posted August 05, 2012 by Carl Skase

Here we will focus on the seldom heard, but oft-spoken about only in quiet corners, sexual interests of the many. We unfortunately live in a society where sexual expression is repressed, whether for reasons of control or prudishness. This creates an unusual sexual underground, similar to that of alcohol prohibition in the early 20th century, where everybody is doing the same thing, but no one else knows or is talking about.

This creates a strange limbo of loneliness and guilt. Am I the only one that likes this? Is it wrong of me to like this? Even if I feel comfortable finally telling someone about it, will I be judged? This has become more prevalent recently in my discussions with numerous people from my recent travels in and around Southern America.

I've been fortunate enough to be privy to a host of information on various taboo topics on sex, that I've begun to collate some of the more popular techniques that appear so common in sexual relationships, however those who dared speak to me in private feel they are very alone. I was able to reassure many of these people that they are not, and all it requires are a few people to begin opening up for everyone to feel less like they live in solitude.

I'll begin with one of the most recent examples. This is an interesting one, for most people it was termed jizz-hands, however, a number of those I spoke to referred to it as spider-jizz. So often, this was mentioned as a fun way to handle the limitations of birth control. You may be able to imagine what jizz-hands entails, simply by the name, but I will outline the basics.

First and foremost, make sure to have plenty of fun beforehand. This can be performed from many positions, but let's say you've been getting good head, so while your partner is going down on you and you're about to cum, make sure you catch as much as you can in your hand. And just as you are done, flick your load all over your partner, they will love it! Another favourite was to follow as above, but be ready for it while in the doggy position. Make sure to end with actual jazz hands for added hilarity.

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